Alabama 1976


  • Heart of Dixie 1976
  • 12″ X 6″
  • very good condition
  • Used old license plates are for collection and decorative purpose, not street legal, check with your state.


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Alabama 1976 passenger plates  were blue on reflective white. The number to the left is a county code.

Vintage license plates are great gifts for a child’s room, office, garage, also ideal as a souvenir  menento for travelers

The 70 prefix on this 1976 Alabama license plate represents the fact that it is a replacement plate for a lost or stolen one.. The plate came with and without a dash separator, as shown in this plate. 1976 was the last year for the use of county codes on license plates until 1983 when they were started up again. These plates were in use until September 30, 1976 when they were replaced with the 1977 Bicentennial issues.

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