Arkansas 1974


  • “The Natural State”
  • 12″ x 6'
  • good condition


Arkansas 1974 , these plates were first issued in 1968, and Arkansas motorists were given these expiration tabs to update them. 74 tabs were given out in 1973 for expiration in 74. The month of expiration is denoted with an extra month sticker on the upper left corner of the plate.

Old license plates  are sought for their color, origin, shape, condition or the history that goes along with them. They make a wonderful souvenir gift for travelers,  use for decorating a child’s room, bars, restaurants, office or garage.  A fine birthday present with a birth year plate. Great art pieces for fun crafts. Ideal for antique car collectors searching for a period license plate to give their show cars a dated original look.  Some states allow registration of cars with old plates, check by state.  License plates increase in value, becoming a good investment to pass on to your family and they don’t take much space. Enjoy!!

Arkansas 1974  ” The Natural State ” shop for more vintage plates